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What up home slices?

2009-11-15 17:47:16 by MeMaMoMoo

Yo it's been awhile since I've been here and some crazy junk has gotten down.
I was chillen with the homies until this busta comes up to us and tries to stick us up. Good thing I was packin my nine or else he would of iced us cold. When the bullets rang out, the pigs sirens started going off and everyone scrambled. I kept running until I was surrounded by bloods and cops, which left me no choice but to fight all of them at once. Everything was going good until they sent a attack gorilla on me that evaded my every move. But then my boy Porky Pig came up from the sewers and killed them all.
Ain't dat sick yo?

Almost Got Busted

2008-09-30 20:16:42 by MeMaMoMoo

Oh man... it wuz crazy. I wuz just chillen and my drug dealer comes by and asks for his money. I told him to bounce outta here but he got mad and pulled out a nine and pointed it to my head. So i swatted the gun out of his hands and fought him mortal combat style. When i was about to finish him, a flock of ducks came through the door and claimed i was sellin some fake dope. I got really mad then so I pulled out my flame thrower and froze them all. After all dis, a bunch of flat foots came to my door and claimed to have my crib surrounded. I called my friend rambo and avoided gettin arrested.
Ain't that sick yo?


2007-12-01 17:14:03 by MeMaMoMoo

Me and my dawgs were hanging by a pub when we saw a dozen street gangs all coming towards us. They said "your shoes are untied" I replied "I sure do!" then I reached for my battle axe and chopped his head off. Then me and my homies got into a big brawl with these holigans, blood and body parts splattering every where. Then a cop car pulled up and robocop popped out and said, "whats going on here?" and when he finished his sentence He pulled out a tommy gun and killed everybody.
Ain't dat sick yo?


2007-07-31 20:39:55 by MeMaMoMoo

Arr me mateys, Arr....