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2007-12-01 17:14:03 by MeMaMoMoo

Me and my dawgs were hanging by a pub when we saw a dozen street gangs all coming towards us. They said "your shoes are untied" I replied "I sure do!" then I reached for my battle axe and chopped his head off. Then me and my homies got into a big brawl with these holigans, blood and body parts splattering every where. Then a cop car pulled up and robocop popped out and said, "whats going on here?" and when he finished his sentence He pulled out a tommy gun and killed everybody.
Ain't dat sick yo?


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2007-12-02 21:01:13

I was there man!


2007-12-09 19:32:22

waht are you ten?! Gro up dummy...or should I say, Get a Life Yo!

MeMaMoMoo responds:

at least I can spell


2008-01-19 07:01:20

Dat WAS sick yo! Home dawg. Hit me back on da flip side mayne. :)


2008-02-14 18:36:48

I was across the street, I was going to help, but I was chargin ma lazer still when robocop came up.

MeMaMoMoo responds:



2009-02-12 14:53:11

Hey, sometimes you gotta go with the flow.