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Almost Got Busted

2008-09-30 20:16:42 by MeMaMoMoo

Oh man... it wuz crazy. I wuz just chillen and my drug dealer comes by and asks for his money. I told him to bounce outta here but he got mad and pulled out a nine and pointed it to my head. So i swatted the gun out of his hands and fought him mortal combat style. When i was about to finish him, a flock of ducks came through the door and claimed i was sellin some fake dope. I got really mad then so I pulled out my flame thrower and froze them all. After all dis, a bunch of flat foots came to my door and claimed to have my crib surrounded. I called my friend rambo and avoided gettin arrested.
Ain't that sick yo?


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2009-02-12 14:51:21

Hey.... Shit happens!