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Entry #4

What up home slices?

2009-11-15 17:47:16 by MeMaMoMoo

Yo it's been awhile since I've been here and some crazy junk has gotten down.
I was chillen with the homies until this busta comes up to us and tries to stick us up. Good thing I was packin my nine or else he would of iced us cold. When the bullets rang out, the pigs sirens started going off and everyone scrambled. I kept running until I was surrounded by bloods and cops, which left me no choice but to fight all of them at once. Everything was going good until they sent a attack gorilla on me that evaded my every move. But then my boy Porky Pig came up from the sewers and killed them all.
Ain't dat sick yo?


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2010-10-22 20:54:38

Not your homeslice, homeslice.